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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Turkey Vulture

Here is a story I recorded earlier today.  Something new and something fun to listen to!  Click on the Turkey Vulture Story below and wait for the story to load and then click on the story once downloaded and let me know what you think!



I read an article recently about asking parents when  your kids are headed over to their house for a playdate if they have guns and where they are located and if they are locked up and who has access.  And then you have to decide if you want your kids playing at the friends house based on their gun ownership and gun rules inside their own house.  Holy Toledo and I thought we were supposed to ask whether or not their parents were home or if their let them surf the internet unsupervised.  

When you live in a rural community you learn new things and recently I learned that November kicks off hunting season out here.  And today when I was dropping my kids off at school two little first graders were walking past and one said, "are you talking about the AK47 or are you talking about another gun?"  And I had to do a double take and confirm that yes, they were first graders.  

Just for the record I only hunt bargains and good Korean restaurants.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Calm down, I'm not having plastic surgery.  Now that I've gotten that out of the way lets get down to business.  I've been in a blogging slump lately.  I'm not sure if it is because school is back in swing and so I find myself back at home alone doing stuff that makes me happy and sad at the same time.  Happy because I get to exercise each day and take the dog for a walk and write letters to my sister and make homemade pasta sauce and sad because I want a job and a career and I keep pushing away the thought that maybe what I am doing is my job and career.

I've decided to give my blog a face lift as you can see by my flashy and always fashion forward picture that is new.  Those of you that have been fortunate to see me at 7:00am in my lifetime will know that my hairstyle is something that miraculously happens between the hours of 11:00pm and 7:00am magically and with only the help of a pillow.  It is a force to be reckoned with.  But I've also tossed around the idea of adding a podcast to my blog and doing some interviewing and maybe someone will listen to it?  What say my faithful readers?  Will you spend the time?  Will you tell others about it?

And finally we had adopted a new baby PUPPY!  Her name is Buzz Aldrin McKeon and she is a pure delight unless you have to take her outside to pee at 3:00am in which case she is a nightmare.  But it is 2:13pm in the afternoon and so far she has had zero mistakes in the house.  Our family of discoverers is growing, we now have way more animals than we do people, Calliope the outside cat, Lloyd the indoor zombie cat (yes, he is still alive), Marcko Polo and Buzz Aldrin the dogs and Scabbers and Muggles the rats.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


We are on a 2 week vacation in California and it has been really nice.  I was able to complete my goal of swimming 20 laps without stopping or using the kick board, I was able to sleep alone in the guest bedroom and stay up late watching all sorts of fun shows that I've never seen before;  (Naked and Afraid, Naked Dating, Silicon Valley) I have been out to some of the yummiest Thai food, Vietnamese food and hopefully soon some Korean food.  I've seen friends and family and friends and can't wait to see more.  The girls have played and stayed up late and swam, played with cousins, had too much sugar and we are only one week into our time here.

It is funny that now we own our own home my mind keeps going to our home and I keep thinking about how much I love our home and how I can't wait to get back and get back into the swing of things and school and chores and lessons and pets and friends.  Isn't that funny?  I really love not having to cook or clean or work but the thought of getting back to MY own space beckons to me.  Hang on Pittsboro, I'll be back soon.

Food Shame

When I was about 12 or 13 and started to go through puberty I started to put on weight.  It wasn't a lot of weight but in my memory I was about as fat as a cow or a large water buffalo.  I remember one morning being told that as a family we would now be running laps at a local field before school or breakfast.  I remember it starting out as a family affair and the just whittling down to me and my mom pretty quickly.  No one else in the family needed to do laps I guess.  I also remember being asked or told to leave the table after one helping of dinner while others stayed.

Whether or not this was a smart dietary decision on the part of my mom, I can tell you that all it did was make me want to cry and I felt like a cow or large water buffalo as I picked up my plate and headed to the kitchen.  To this day I do not being told what to eat or what not to eat.  When people say, "try this it is delicious" I tend to think they are lying.  After all, if you have to tell people it is delicious instead of letting them decide for themselves, most likely it tastes like ass.

The other day I was at the table eating chips and chatting and the bag of chips was taken away from in front of me and I was told that they were too full of salt and to save some for other people.  I got up and walked away.  I got weepy.  And I felt like I did when I was 15 or 16 and I was told to leave the table after one serving.  I can't shake that feeling that I am a fat little kid that doesn't look like any of my brothers or sister and that the only way to get me to fit into whatever mental picture my mother has as ideal for her daughter is to shame her away from the food.

I'll shake it off - I know i will because that is how i am.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I went to the doctor last week and I got a letter today and it goes like this:  "Dear Mrs. McKeon:  Your lab work from your last visit has come back and indicates the following:  You do not have diabetes, Your thyroid function is normal and your FHS level shows that you have entered menopause.

Entered?  My first thought was how long before I can exit?  The good news is that now I know why I have sweat beads that pop out of my knee caps when I'm wearing jeans and when I stand up a look like my knees are weeping.  But the bad news is that I have sweat beads popping out of my knees when I'm wearing jeans and you get the rest.  And it makes me a little crazy.  And it makes me a little anxious.

But . . . at least I know now where the insomnia, headaches, crazy person and freakish behavior comes from.  And yes, I am blaming everything on the menopause.

Friday, July 25, 2014


I went to the doctor last week and I got a new blood pressure medicine to accompany the one I currently take which does nothing for my blood pressure in my opinion.  And since I started taking this new pill I have had nearly a week of insomnia, hot flashes and irritability.  I have to back up.

About 2 months ago I started having night sweats.  For anyone out there who has gone through this, it is the nasty habit of waking up at 2am and feeling like your head is 20 degrees hotter than your body and is drenched in sweat.  It is not fun.  About 6 weeks ago the hot flashes started and they literally are what they sound like.  You are sitting there one moment enjoying your cappuccino or your latte and the next you are trying to figure out why you have sweat beads popping out of your forearms.  I had sweat drops dripping out of my hair a couple of days ago at a PTA meeting.  It is not pleasant but better than a mammogram on the list of uncomfortable things that women have to go through after a certain age.

Anyway - I have had these bouts of insomnia before but this one is particularly kicking my ass.  I'm tired.  I'm tired.  I'm tired.  But when I lay down and the lights go out, I'm wide awake.  I am also exercising a lot lately and it has been swimming so I don't get why all the fatigue until I'm in a laying down position.  Very confusing.

But the good news is that in a week I will be in Sunny California with my ladies and we will begin a 2 week whirlwind of visiting friends and family and Asian restaurants.  I texted my brother and told him that we had to meet up for some coffee and to catch up to which he replied, "Coffee and Ketchup, yummy".