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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today I had to pick up my contacts at the eye doctor. I had to take the girls with me since they are 1) my girls and 2) I don't have any daycare/babysitter/preschool to send them to. I parked right in front of the doctor's office in one of the many parking spots clearly marked "compact". When we came out of the doctor's office, I opened one side of the car for my oldest child to climb into her seat and then carried the smallest one around to the other side to fasten her into her seat. Once I am done with the smallest child, I can then make my way to the other side and fasten the oldest child in and then I can get into my seat and deal with fastening myself in. As luck would have it, when we came out to leave, the side that my smallest child sits on had no one parked next to me, so I opened the door as wide as I wanted to. This doesn't happen often!

As I'm bending down to set my toddler in her seat I see a large, grey "Mini"van pull up and slam on the breaks as they suddenly notice that my door is open. Relieved, I look up at the driver, thankful he/she didn't rip my door off and take me with it. The woman operating the "mini"van is scowling at me and holds both hands up in a gesture that would go well with the words, "What the hell?" (or worse). I take her reaction as a signal to slow down and work as methodically as possible in positioning my toddler in her chair and buckling her in. Of course this is impacted also by the fact that at her age, she works hard at working against me in each step of the seatbelt fastening procedure. I can see Ms. "mini"van getting worked up.

By this time Ms. "mini"van pushes her 12 year old out of the car and sends him running through traffic to the eye-doctor, no doubt to pick up her glasses so she can read the "compact" signs printed on the asphalt.

Here's the thing, everyone in Cupertino has a "mini"van and there is nothing Mini about them. Ok, they might be smaller than those vans that people are forced to buy when they have sextuplets or octuplets and get their own TLC shows but "mini" they are not. These are vehicles designed to carry 6 children that are sold to people with no more than 2. If a parking lot existed for "mini"vans only - you can bet your sweet ass that I'd be parked nowhere near that lot - I'd still be parked in the compact lot complaining about how our car has no storage and the dogs have to lay on top of my husband when we go camping.

I can't wait to see what the "mini"van people have cooked up to follow the "mini"van. Just don't make it the "compact"van because those compact spots are MINE.

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Jen said...

Good lord. (deep cleansing breath) I can't believe she had the audacity to be annoyed with you?! She should have been apologetic. WTF lady. Doesn't she remember what it's like to get a child into a car seat? My philosphy is we Mommies have to stick together. Sometimes as a parent we feel like we're swimming up stream all day, dealing with protests and whining from our kids.

People like that have their mind set on running into obsticles and conflict all day. That's just their bag. Let it not be ours.