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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Credo

Last Christmas we started a tradition in my husband’s family.
We decided that we would try to make Christmas presents for
everyone and spend $10 dollars or less on each gift. This year
in keeping with our current economic situation we have taken
the price tag down to $5 dollars per person.

Last year my mother in law took cute wine bottles and olive oil
bottles, bought stoppers for them like the ones used in bars to
dispense liquor and made us all kitchen soap dispensers. They
were so cute and individual and can be used over and over
without creating waste or recycling. I love mine and get lots of
compliments on it.

Last year I learned how to knit slipper socks and made wool
slipper socks for everyone. I got a great deal on wool-ease
yarn from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics and was able to keep within our
budget. My husband still has these great red slipper socks that
the girls put on and wear around the house and slip and slide
on the kitchen floor with.

This exercise in frugality and creativeness has taught me a
valuable lesson. I want my children to learn how valuable
family is and bask in the love and times spent with their cousins
and grandparents and not worry about the number of presents
with their names on them. I want them to enjoy the good food
and the good company and learn how to give from their hearts.
I want them to sing and dance, play, share and to be kids for as
long as they possibly can.

I also want an end to war, world peace, kindness to all
humanity and an end to world hunger and suffering – as you can read
I have my work cut out for me. But in the meantime, you will find me,
armed with knitting needles, a glue gun and some oven mitts.