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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today I stumbled across something interesting - a blog that tries to look like a blog that endorses products and services but that has little to no original writing or photography. I am pretty sure that the person who is "blogging" in this situation is having one or all of the following happen: 1) they are being paid to "blog", 2) they are being paid to endorse someone else's products 3) they make money every time someone signs up to be a follower or part of their "blog" or 4) it is only called a "blog" to get people to read it.

I read something not too long ago about these kinds of "bloggers" but I chalked it up to silly and frivolous. Who would waste valuable blogging time by endorsing toys, products and services? Why would you sully your energies for a $10 check by telling people you like Huggies over Pampers?

Then I was offended. Here I am sweating out original subjects and trying to come up with original material, writing from the heart, blood, sweat and tears and all that bullshit. And this person is just copying and pasting some fabulous link from Youtube or something funny from Jibjab and including a picture of their 2 year old, oh, and check out this neat product that you can buy for only $24.99 that fits in your microwave and convection oven and can later launch rocket ships, and calling it a blog.

And finally I am feeling cheated and swindled. Why haven't I tried to sell stuff? Why am I not profiting from this venue, using this site of the aforementioned blood, sweat and tears to trump up some money? Why am I slaving away at the keyboard without any kind of payback or paycheck whatsoever?

So here goes, see the picture at the top of this blog? Some kind of neat throw that is being knit? I am knitting it right now but it can be yours. It will go to the first person that is willing to pay shipping/handling and $100 dollars. It is soft, warm and will look good on your shoulders or on your lap or on the bed or tossed across the couch. And if you like it and buy it, you can tell people where you got it and I'll make them one too for the same price.

(I'm just kidding, it is for my friend Tara's birthday and you can't have it)

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