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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hostage Situations vs Edamame

So my kids love edamame beans, the ones in the pods, they think they are fantastic and can eat bowls and bowls of them, steamed with a little salt on. It is also one of those foods that gives them something to do, they work at getting each little bean out of the pod and sometimes the beans shoot out of the pods and fly across the room which makes it fun to chase down and wipe off and eat, so rewarding! It also can turn a 2 minute meal into 20 or 30 minutes which can be fun for Mom and Dad to have a conversation or actually sit down instead of spend all mealtime standing in front of the stove or refrigerator. Those of you that are parents know exactly what I'm talking about, "more ketchup please, more milk please, more butter please, more more more". Those of you without kids, please commence rolling your eyes or stop reading immediately.

When we discovered that our oldest would actually eat these green soy beans, we were ecstatic because she was possibly the pickiest eater on the planet and getting green vegetables into her was a real chore. I always thought that part of the appeal was the work they have to do to get the beans out of their pods and into their mouths, good hand-eye coordination practice..

So the other day I found edamame beans outside of their shell and thought, "Wow, now they don't have to do all that work and can just eat them by the handful," and bought a bunch. Huge mistake. I boiled them and sprinkled salt on them like I do when they are in the pods. I refrigerated them and served them cold. I tried to lightly fry them and brown them and put a little sugar on them. It didn't matter what I did, I was met with tears, disgust, frustration, deceit, begging and yes, retching.

No matter of cajoling or explanation on my end could get them to realize that what they were eating was the exact same thing I always feed them, just without the pods. I was so irritated I could scream. (I also have a sinus infection as I write this so I am not feeling tip top).

The end result? They took each bean and swallowed it like you would swallow a pill, with a big glass of water. I actually watched my 3 year old plow through 40 edamame beans like she was taking a handful of pills, totally ridiculous but anyone with a 3 year old and their least favorite food, knows what I'm talking about. I have seen hostage situations that were less hassle.

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