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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Friday, May 20, 2011


So we've been eagerly awaiting summer vacation and all the fun it entails. There will be trips to the beach and trips to visit grandparents, trips to Great America and trips to Happy Hollow, trips to go camping and trips to the mall, trips to the movies and trips to go hiking, just typing out the list makes me tired. In anticipation of summer vacation we have talked about it and we've made lists of all the fun stuff we will do. The 3 girls in this family can't wait to sleep in and eat breakfast leisurely and then put on a tank top and shorts or a sun dress and apply the sunscreen and head off on adventuring.

Along with the anticipation of summer vacation the girls have ramped up the fighting. I have tried to mediate and then separate, time out and punishment, threaten and finally shout to get them to stop picking fights at every turn. I even tried to pretend that they weren't really fighting but rather working out their differences, which is just a fancy way of saying that they are fighting.

For the longest time the older child completely ignored the younger child. Then we congratulated ourselves on having a very well behaved older child that didn't hurt or antagonize her younger sister. This too has come to an end. Here is how it works: If the older one heads off to the bathroom the younger one plunks down in her spot and waits for her to return. She knows full well that this will spark a total freak out fest when she comes out of the bathroom and sees her sister sitting in her spot. There is also the barstools where they sit to eat most of their meals. The younger one started resting her feet on her sister's barstool knowing that her sister would have to retaliate until they looked like a game of foot twister, legs and barstools contorted just so that neither one had the upper leg. I could continue to list all the ways they bait and antagonize and then invariably take the bait and pester the living life out of me but that would take pages and pages of blog to cover.

The truth be known, it is a little satisfying to watch and listen to. I remember going out of my way to antagonize my sister and watch her totally melt down with all the pestering a little sister could do. My kids have normal relationships with each other, they are perfectly normal sisters and they will do this for many years to come! Meanwhile as summer vacation inches closer and closer I think I will take up meditation and buy some ear plugs, or better yet, sign the girls up for a summer boxing class, let them work it out in the ring.

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