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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My friend Germaine and I have been doing a lot of yoga lately. I feel like I started it by dragging her to a really really tiny zumba class of 3 people and making her zumba to hip hop music and "break it down" when lets face it, neither one of us has any idea what that means anymore. Breaking it down to me means taking something apart, like a folding table or a tent. Anyway, in preparation for her sister's wedding and wanting to look like a milf instead of a sahm , she found this great yoga deal, Hot Yoga, $20 bucks for as many classes as you could squeeze into 10 days.

Let me just say that when she called it Hot Yoga, I thought it meant that we were going to look really hot after we did it. Like as in Hot Mamas. Or that everyone one else there was really hot, as in, young and hot. Everything in advertising is sexual after all. It turns out that Hot Yoga means that the yoga studio is heated to 98 degrees, seriously, anywhere from 95 to 98 degrees. I imagine it feels much like doing yoga in the middle of the summer in India.

Anyway, tonight was our last class of our $20 dollar trial and now if we want to go back, we have to pay hundreds of dollars to be a part of Hot Yoga. Actually we have to pay something like $15 dollars a class, they have to pay for the heat in the studio for crying out loud, and as we all know, heat, like everything else, is not cheap now days. And let me just brag a little and say that I made it to a whopping 6 classes in 10 days while my friend Germaine, rocked her hotness in at 7 classes in 10 days. Impressive.

Wanna know what is more impressive? Three days ago, two 20 something girls were in front of us doing their downward facing dog's and their plank's and their cobra's and sweating and whispering their way through the class unlike the rest of us who sweat and focus inward. They were wearing the most stylish (and expensive) Lululemon yoga pants and their Lucy activewear tops and they were hurting. Either they didn't know what the Hot meant in Hot Yoga either or they were just tired from a busy day of shopping for yoga gear. Whatever the reason, they made it about 22 minutes into the class at which point they picked up their mats really fast and bolted. I looked at Germaine and we laughed out loud, for a couple of old sahm's we were still tearing it up at Hot Yoga! Ok, maybe not tearing it up, but we'd outlasted a couple of 20 year olds and that felt pretty good.

Abbreviation guide:

sahm - Stay at Home Mom
milf - if you don't know this one, something is wrong with you

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