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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Friday, September 16, 2011


Today is the day, the first day of preschool for my youngest child. This is also the first day I will be working at Preschool and I hear there will be an orientation to teach us what to do and how to do it. Sometimes I will be a Snack Parent and sometimes I will be an Art Parent and sometimes I will be a Cleaning Parent, and sometimes I will be the Tired Parent but I will get to be a hands on participant in my child's learning and that is exhausting, I mean exciting to me.

We had the opportunity to meet our Preschool teacher and she was very nice. We told her all about our Imaginary Friends. The first friend is Pada and Pada has been around for a long time. Pada and Dagadoo were the first two Imaginary Friends that came to live with us when our Preschooler was about 18 months old. Pada is very naughty, she has a hard time listening to instructions and does things like draws on the wall. Today she is very bratty, at least that is what I was just told. Sometimes Pada is a boy and sometimes Pada is a girl, but mostly a boy. Then there is Dagadoo, and Dagadoo is a baby. Dagadoo cries a lot and uses baby talk and likes to drink milk out of a bottle and needs a pacifier. And finally there is Julie. Julie is in 3rd grade and very big, she can run fast and is a good listener. Julie likes to read and do art projects. Julie bears a very close resemblance to our oldest daughter. We used to have a fourth Imaginary Friend named Noodle but Noodle kept getting eaten by Pada, Dagadoo and Julie so Noodle never came over to play after a while. Anyway, Teacher met all of our Imaginary Friends and met us and was very nice and friendly and disarming. Quite honesty, Teacher melted my heart and won me over by being super interested in our Imaginary Friends.

Our Preschooler has been telling me for the last 2 weeks that she is not going to like Preschool, that she is going to kick and hit and run away and that she is going to cry and not use the potty like a big girl and has been having night terrors and waking up screaming bloody murder. She has been whining and crying at the drop of the hat, fighting and stomping away and making me wonder if preschool is a good idea after all.

However, after meeting Teacher and having her meet all our Imaginary Friends, something tells me that even if my little one, Pada, Dagadoo or Julie doesn't like preschool, it doesn't matter because I am going to like it very much!

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