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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Friday, December 30, 2011

Bok Choy

We got a quick visit this week from my Mom, Step-dad, Niece and Nephew and it was wonderful to see them and enjoy having them with us even if it was only for a couple of days. We got to do a little eating, a little catching up, a little playing, a little eating out, a little shopping and even a little fighting (the kids). In anticipation of cooking for crowds and also in accordance with my New Years Resolution to cook with more greens I bought a bunch of baby bok choy at the Asian market. Unfortunately it sat in the refrigerator because at the last minute my Step-dad decided to take us all out for dinner last night and so we got to sit and have someone else do the cooking.

I had been thinking about the bok choy all day today and wondering how I would prepare it. I have a great recipe I stole from my friend The Foodinista, Heather and I love it but I wanted to try something new. So here is what I did, I washed the bok choy really well (the dirt likes to hide in those leaves) and then I chopped it fairly small. Then I put 4 cloves of minced garlic in a skillet with about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and sliced up about 10 mushrooms and sauteed them together for about 4 minutes and then threw in 8 or 10 baby bok choy boys (as we like to call them), added some salt and pepper and tossed until shiny and hot. The bok choy is different than spinach and kale in that it doesn't wilt completely into a pile of goo. So there is still a good crunch and it stays juicy provided you don't overcook it.

The tricky part of this recipe is getting the kids to eat it. While I have made a commitment to serve more greens, kale and leafy vegetables this year I am not sure if my kids are going to embrace this decision. Even though I love the greens, the kids are not so easily convinced (or the husband since we are on the topic). One day they are all over something new and the next day it is the stuff of nightmares. I wish they would try more new things but I'm gonna keep on trying even if they still prefer chicken nuggets and those apple slices that are clearly dipped in sugar water.

As I'm serving up some bok choy, rice and fried tofu for dinner, I say to my husband, (who by the way is serving himself some chicken nuggets and split pea soup), "my Mom would love this meal." He says, "it isn't weird enough for her" and proceeds to tell me that this morning for breakfast she enjoyed a toasted bagel with avocado mashed on it and then a large spoonful of Ollalieberry Preserves spread on top of that. He is right, it isn't weird enough for her, but it was plenty weird for my kids who each managed to try a microscopic taste of the bok choy, which is all I ask of them.

Try something weird in 2012, Happy New Year weirdos!


hscopazzi said...

Love you Joy! Happy New Year! Kiss the kids for us, we miss you guys still!

Lauren said...

We tried this one recently and it was yummy!

But the kids wouldn't eat it :)