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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Cheer

The holidays are a wonderful time of shopping, buying, rushing, spending, eating, relaxing, drinking and so much more. I was at Costco when I got to experience the "so much more" of the previous sentence.

For those of you that shop regularly at Costco it is mostly hurried, busy, frantic and annoying, starting with the parking lot and ending with the long lines. If you don't get hit at least once by a shopping cart at Costco then something is wrong in the universe. For example, yesterday I got pushed forward in the line by the person pushing the cart behind me. It was pretty obvious that I was waiting in a long line just like they were and even after several directed looks to this person they continued to bump me every time they pushed the cart forward. So finally I said something like "please stop doing that" and the woman smiled at me, nodded her head and kept on doing it. So I stepped to the side of the cart and which point she started bumping my cart every time I pushed my cart forward.

Anyway - I'm getting away from my story. I only went to Costco to get shampoo, conditioner and sliced bread. This is the worst time to be at Costco by the way because what you expect to be a quick trip, in and out, turns into the same amount of time due to the many shoppers and the long lines. So I purchased my 3 items and headed down the ramp to the parking lot. This ramp is always fun too because there are people who think, "why wait to get down the ramp behind the person in front of me, I will just make 2 lanes of traffic going down the ramp and speed past them!" Of course for the nice folks coming up the ramp this is a huge hassle, because their motorized disabled chairs or their shopping carts are now blocked because someone in a huge rush has decided to pass without clearance or consideration for anyone else, namely the oncoming traffic. Again, I am getting away from my story.

I get to my section of the parking lot and notice an elderly gentleman slowly pushing his cart to his car. Not only had he selected a shopping cart that was pulling to one side, he was quite elderly and having a hard time walking so I sped up with my cart and tossed my items in my car very quickly and ran back to offer him some assistance. I asked him "would you like me to help push your cart for you?" To which he loudly replied, "NO! You are running around like a crazy person and you are going to make someone fall down with all your hopping and skipping. Leave me alone!" And he proceeded to slowly push his gimpy cart to his car and slowly start to unload his 3 items, jumbo salami, a bottle of Vodka and potato chips.

Happy Holidays!


Aycandy said...

No good deed goes unpunished. Story of my life.

Unknown said...

The icing on the cake would have been if he had said something racist.

Hoops said...

I love salami, vodka & potato chips.

Lauren said...

Ah, the breakfast of champions!