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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Funk

This is the last 2 days of school and we have one sick kid and one Mommy that feels rotten. It was too perfect that this week go off without a hitch. If something was going to go wrong, it was going to go wrong this week. The girls had no ballet and no ice skating and no piano, we only had to get to school and home without incident when the little one got a fever. All the play dates got cancelled. All the cookie decorating gigs got cancelled. All the shopping trips for this and that got cancelled. All the baking and truffle making got postponed. I managed to sneak out last night for a ladies night out with gift exchange and sat and yawned through the whole affair. But at least I made it out!

We are trying to go away next week and we can't decide what to do with our 5th family member Sally Tomato. I originally asked my brother but I could tell he did not want to house sit and pet sit for us. Then I thought about asking friends with pets but it is the holidays and everyone has stuff planned and since I thought my brother was going to do it, I didn't line something up sooner. And then I thought we should just take Sally with us, he misses us dearly when we are gone, he sleeps in our bedroom on the floor now even though the stairs are tough to climb sometimes. We still haven't solved this problem but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

I am babysitting for friends on Friday night so they can go to their holiday party. And I am babysitting for some other friends on Sunday because they have a holiday party. And no one will be babysitting for me because my husband has not had a holiday party for 3 Christmases now. I guess I shouldn't be bummed out about this but I am. I should just be happy he has a job and that I can buy all the yarn I want, within reason but I'm not. I want to get dolled up and buy a cute outfit and strappy shoes and have a drink and dance once with my man. After all, we only really ever get to do that at weddings and until some of our friends start getting divorced and remarried, almost everyone we know is married already.

I went to the doctor this week and the nice Kaiser doctor that wowed me and rocked my world at my first visit, pissed me off by giving me attitude. She also called me "Mrs. McKeon" in her Russian accent at least 12 times even though I told her to call me "Joy". In hindsight she might have not been giving me attitude, it most likely was her accent and I just thought it was attitude. But I didn't enjoy my visit with her this week and I got the feeling like she wasn't having a good day either.

And finally my dear little Aunty Muriel died this week. She was one feisty lady. She gained fame among my circle of friends when she came to visit me in Spain for a month and we traveled Europe together. She slept with one eye open, she knew every time I snuck out after she went to sleep. (maybe it was because I went to bed fully clothed) She kept called Italians "Loh-mans". But my favorite story was when she landed at Madrid Barajas International Airport there was a janitorial strike, there was trash all over the airport and it was something of a mess. She wrote home to her girls that Spain was so dirty. "The genitals are on strike". They could not figure out what she meant for the longest time until we figured out that she was saying that the janitors were on strike. We laughed our crazy heads off when we realized what she had been trying to say. We definitely had our differences and we definitely made memories and while I won't get to say goodbye tonight at her memorial, I will say goodbye to her in my heart and that will have to do.

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