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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Monday, January 16, 2012


My husband and I knew this guy who was married to this really nice girl. We only met her once and at the very beginning of knowing this couple. They seemed really cute and nice and we had fun with them hanging out and then we never saw the wife again. We would mention her to this guy when we would run into him and he would tell us what she was doing, where she was working and all that kind of stuff. He didn't seem to shy away from talking about her at all but he never volunteered information about her in any way.

During the time we knew this guy we also knew he was cheating on his wife. It was really obvious in all the obvious sort of ways. My husband would still be pleasant and friendly and was able to separate the icky stuff this guy was doing from the guy and still thought highly of him even though his personal life seemed to be one gigantic lie. I, on the other hand, had a really low opinion of this guy from the minute I learned he was cheating. My opinion became lower and lower every time I would talk to him because I would go out of my way to bring up his wife and he would answer my questions about her work and what she was doing and where they went for the holidays and on and on and on and all the time I knew he was this dirty, rotten, no good, STD passing philanderer and I plotted ways to contact his wife and tip her off.

Obviously I have no idea if he had STD's but I still grossed out talking to him and watching him act charming and cordial and polite and answer my nosy questions while all the time I knew he was a liar. It sullied my opinion of him completely and my husband cannot mention his name in my presence without me making a face and wanting to spit on something.

I cheated the other day. I cheated on my vegan diet with a half chewed on ice cream bar dipped in chocolate that my youngest child had abandoned and I had saved in a small ramekin in the freezer for later consumption. So I know it isn't in the same context as the lousy STD freak who cheated on his wife but I felt terrible claiming that I'd been going strong for two weeks on a Vegan Diet when I knew I really only had made it one and a half weeks. I kind of wished that guy we knew had fessed up just once about his wife and mistress and that whole mess because it would have made me like him again. But now that I've fessed up I feel fabulous.

And the truth shall set you free.


Lauren said...

It is soooo unfortunate that ice cream is not a vegetable. For all of us, not just vegans!

Conchita said...

Acerca de la Nieve...puedes comer nieve de limon (key lime) pero hecha con agua, no con leche. It looks so fabulous!! Y por el otro lado, no gastes tu tiempo con gente que no merece la pena, como el tipo del que platicas.

arlene said...

But having said that, now you begin again. Do you think that no one else ever cheated on themselves and tried to fool the whole world?