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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Week three has been tough. There was a lot of waiting in the doctor's office which is where I took these pictures. First of all there was a follow up to a mammogram that involved follow up pictures to follow up pictures until I started wondering how many ways can you really squish a woman's breasts and then I found out - there are at least 20 ways. Ladies, here is a happy thought, if you were wondering why our breasts sag after nursing children are through with them, the mammogram does nothing to help the situation. Lets take something that has no life left in it and then put it in a see through tortilla press and squish it some more.

Then there was the trip for the Vaginal Ultrasound that was only supposed to be a 20 minute appointment but they put my chart somewhere they weren't supposed to so after waiting for 40 minutes and watching everyone go into an appointment without waiting more than 5 minutes I got wise (it only took 40 minutes!) and asked the receptionist why I was still waiting. By the time my 20 minute appointment was over, it had really taken 2 hours.

Then icing on the cake really was the fasting blood draw on Saturday morning. It was the kind of thing that you have to drink a really nasty orange tang and then wait around for 2 hours and then give some more blood. It wouldn't have been quite so irritating except I was told the lab opened at 6:30am so I got up and got dressed and ignored the hot coffee and toast and headed out to get my fasting blood draw over with only to find out when I got there that the lab didn't open until 7:00am. The upside to this story is that I did get to read this really interesting book, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson which I heartily recommend to anyone. If I hadn't had to sit there for nearly 3 hours I would never have had the chance to read a new book.

I am trying to come to terms with all the stuff the Doctors, the Nurses, the Nurse Practitioner, the Medical Assistants, the Pharmacists, the Phlebotomist and my Veterinarian have told me in the last 7 days. I'm still plugging away at the cooking and the baking and the shopping and the chopping and the stirring and the mixing and all that stuff but I am going to have to count to 100 and take several deep breaths before I can go back into the kitchen because I'm tired, very tired of the kitchen right now.


hscopazzi said...

All sounds very scary and very hard to handle. Please let me know if I can do anything, except give your a colonoscopy which I see you did not have to have!

Conchita said...

Por ahi dicen que todo sucede por algo...sino te hubieran tardado, nunca hubieras descubierto ese libro.