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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Saturday, January 28, 2012


So I've kind of been a Vegan mess. I took a trip to Vegan Bummerville and hung out there for a while. It has been a combination of being tired, wanting to eat something that doesn't take 6 hours to make and tired of hearing my kids complain about this new meal plan we are on. I think some of my negativity leaked into my blog - I still plan on blogging about Week 3 and Week 4 but I had to take a break for a few days.

I belong to a club made up of Stay at Home Moms and some part time working Moms and some full time working Moms. It is a great club. I was in a club like this before we moved here and it was such a strong support system for me that I looked one up before we moved to the South Bay and joined just days after moving here.

When we moved here I was prepared to move and I knew we were going to move and I was proactive in all the right ways. We were going from being students and living on magic beans to having a resident stipend and we were going from living in a tiny tiny 580 square foot house to a house with 3 bedrooms. The house would later sprout mold and we would be forced to move quickly but the initial move here was a good thing and we are now in a snug and clean place that is mold free. I thought it would be as easy as that to move but I was wrong.

Shortly after moving to the South Bay I started to have panic attacks. Sometimes they were so severe that I couldn't leave the house. And sometimes they were so severe after I left the house that I couldn't go back to the house. The other Moms in this club used to comment that I was at almost every event on the calendar. It was my lifeline but it was also hard hiding the times I had gotten no sleep, was having panic attack after panic attack and feeling like my life was falling apart. I started to think that I was a nutcase. And then I met my therapist and my life started to come back together, little by little.

And it was also through the love and support and friendship of these Moms that I was able to make friends and enjoy life and laugh and learn to breathe deeply and relax. And last week, a friend from my Mommy group named Lauren read my blog and contacted me. She then made me a Vegan meal and dropped it off on my front door and I walked in and opened the container of Vegan chilli and homemade whole wheat bread and served dinner. And my children had seconds. And my husband took chilli to work for lunch. And we ate Chili for 2 days. And it warmed my heart and my stomach.

Thank you Lauren from the bottom of my heart and my stomach!


Conchita said...

No sabia de verdad que sufrias ataques de panico, de verdad que cada dia se sabe algo nuevo. Ni sabia q tenias terapista, eso no me li habias platicado... Te mando besitos y espero Fiona ya este bien.

Angela said...

Aww, this made me almost cry. And made me remember that I know how to make some pretty tasty vegan dishes. Pick a day and I'll make a double batch for my family and yours. Your choice of Schewan eggplant or aloo gobi & baingan bartha.

Lauren said...

You're very welcome! I have been inspired to try more vegan food for my own family. I love this club :)

Hoops said...

Joy, you can ALWAYS think about how you are a fantastic mom and find strength from that.
Then you can go out and have a tofu chilli burger.