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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Monday, January 2, 2012


Sooooo starting tomorrow I am challenging myself to be Vegan for the month of January. I know I know it sounds a little extreme so tonight as a present to myself and my family (because lets face it, this is something they will be going through with me) we went to my favorite Korean soup place and plowed through spicy chicken, delicious rice cake soup with fishcake and my favorite of all favorites, kimchi soup with raw egg dropped in and cooked in a hot pot with silken tofu. It was heavenly.

I was really sick in December. And one of the things that I noticed was that when I was sick I was not able to eat any of the things I really love, cheese, sweets, salty things, crunchy snacks, popcorn, carbonated drinks, you know, the stuff 40 year olds aren't supposed to eat because the doctor looks at you like you are a moron when you tell her that you had Doritos and a diet coke for breakfast. (I also think I heard her call me a moron under her breath but I am not certain so she is still my doctor, although I'm going to keep a close eye on her from here on out.) I also noticed that when I got better I found I was craving greens, kales, spinach, bok choy, green pears, eggplant and salads and oatmeal, OATMEAL!!! So I thought that a good way of really cleaning out my already overloaded and stressed system was to cut out processed foods and even take it a step farther and get back to the basics. That means, no Doritos until February. I gotta be honest though, I'm not even sure I can do it for a month, I really don't know.

Here is what I do know, if you create really rigid rules on what your kids can eat versus what they can't eat, they will eat Doritos and drink Coke for breakfast at some point in their lives. It isn't just the poor kids on NPR that come from New York City or the Migrant workers kids that qualify for free breakfast at school that like soda instead of drinking water. It is the kids whose parents forced them to eat things like bulgar wheat and kale chips and packed them salt free whole wheat bread with whole wheat berries in it and mashed avocado sandwiches for school that can put away junk food like nobody's business. Those kids will gorge themselves on trash, er I mean snack foods, sugar, cookies, candy, chips and ungodly amount of unhealthy crap, trust me, I know, I spent my entire 20's sucking cheese out of a can and eating those things that Eric Cartman calls "Cheesy Poofs".

So back to the Vegan diet, I'm gonna try to clean out the old lady pipes and hopefully I won't be caught downstairs in my pajamas licking the butter dish clean at 2am and pretending to sleepwalk. If you have good Vegan recipes that will be filling and are fun for the whole family, let me know because at this point after reading what I've written I'm tempted chase that kimchi soup with some ice cream, just this one last time.


Syncytia said...

Nice pic. Hmmm... no wonder Fee always has cuts on her hands.

marlene said...

Try this site and my recommendation is especially for the cupcakes (just in case you are craving sugar)- good luck!

Whitney said...

You can do it!! Way to go, lady. Try worlds healthiest foods. We have had a few good veggie heavy stir fry's without any oil or butter but rich in flavor. I'm trying to ramp up the nutrition too.

Ilse said...

I really like everything by Colleen Patrick Goudreau. Recently bought her book 'the 30 dayvegan challenge', you're welcome to borrow my copy. Google her name and 'joyful vegan' for blogs, podcasts, etc. Gook luck!!!

Lauren said...

I've been making crockpot spaghetti sauce recently and putting in all sorts of grated veggies. They disappear into the tomato sauce. The kids eat it over whole wheat pasta and Matt eats it over roasted squash and broccoli. Super healthy!

And then I sneak a piece of chocolate out of the cupboard for dessert.

Hoops said...

A suggestion . . . let Gabe have a steak every now and then.