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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Last night I went to dinner in Downtown Sunnyvale to celebrate a friend's birthday. I was running a little late but I quickly became really late because I tried to find parking in this huge lot that you have to drive around and around for 20 minutes and stalk people and hope you beat the next guy to their spot. My doctor's parking lot is like that too but this story is about a different parking lot. Anyway - I found a family loading into their car and turned my blinker on and waited for them to buckle up and back out.

I looked to my left and a white car slowly inched toward the spot in question and he turned his blinker on too. I rolled my window down and pointed at the spot and and then pointed at me to let this person know that I was gonna take the spot and he pointed his finger at me too turned so that he was blocked and so having the advantage, I started to pull into the spot. I was stunned as he gunned it nearly hitting the car that had just backed out and then almost ran into me as he slammed his car into the open spot.

I have to say that my gut reaction was to jump out of my car and punch him but I realized I had my sexy boots on and they aren't good for fighting middle aged men in parking lots. I'm also 43. So I pulled up next to him and rolled my window down as he got out of his car. In an instant my mind screamed "dumbass, cocksucker, asshole, fucker" but I hesitated because I've got Mommy instincts now and the last time I yelled "Bye Bitches" as I pulled around a couple of stupid drivers an 18 month old in the back seat repeated "Bye Fishes".

But he took my spot! And I had waited patiently for it. And he had just pulled up and taken it like those birds that wait for the eggs to be hatched and then swoop in and steal them without any remorse. So I waited until he was standing by his door and ignoring me and I screamed as loud as I could "You are going to die of colon cancer!" And then I drove around the corner and found an open spot without even waiting.

That is what I call good "Car-ma".

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