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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Fever

I am Spring Cleaning right now like crazy. Here is a comprehensive list of the things I have accomplished in the last 2 weeks:

Cleaned out the deep freeze, unplugged it and defrosted it and am trying to get rid of it.
Taken all my sister's letters and punched holes in them and put them in binders.
Taken all my knitting patterns and punched holes in them and put them in binders.
Taken all the Kindergarten and First Grade art work that has been forgotten and recycled it.
Gone through each child's closets as well as my own and weeded out clothes that have not been worn or used in 6 months and donated them to either local charities or to my Moms club clothing swap.
Cleaned out the refrigerator and the cupboards and disposed of food items that have been in my pantry too long and tossed out condiments that will never be eaten.
Completely gone through drawers and cupboards and not only reorganized and refolded linens and towels but also cleaned the drawers and cupboards as I went.
Washed down most walls and sucked spiders out of every corner with the vacuum.
Bought plastic bins to separate art supplies from hardware items, play-dough from craft beads.
Donated all the junk yarn I never will use or that I have not used in 2 years.

I still have to dust all the window shutters and take down and wash all the curtains but I will get to them eventually. And finally I will shampoo the carpets and being allergy season as clean as I possibly can. And then I will head out to the garden and start making sense of that.

I have Spring Fever bad, really bad. I can't wait for summer . . . how about you?