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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Saturday, September 15, 2012

South Korea

We said goodbye to friends who are leaving California and going back to their country, South Korea.  We have known them a very long time and have enjoyed their company, laughter, cultural differences, having and raising children, work, delicious dishes and much much more over the last 8 years.  We went out to dinner with them on Thursday to enjoy one last Korean meal together before we said our goodbyes and hugged them over and over and promised to someday meet each other again either here or in South Korea. 

When I quit my job in Portland and my husband quit his job in Portland and we moved to Davis so he could go to school, we had to start again from the beginning.  He had not been in school full time in a few years and I had never been a stay at home Mom.  Shortly after moving we met our Korean friends and started to converse with stilted English as they had just moved to California and were still picking up words, sayings, slang, and learning their way around this sleepy and hot Northern California town.  

We ended up spending a whole lot of time together in the end.  I took care of their son for over 3 years while I was raising my babies.  Our kids napped together, they ate together, they played together, they fought together.  We celebrated birthday's together and we spent a lot of time either at their house or at our house.  I learned how to cook a bunch of really delicious Korean dishes from scratch and I learned how to make 4 very delicious kinds of kimchi.  I learned how to say more dirty words in Korean and I learned how to say them very well. 

When we went to hug each other goodbye - I didn't mean to start crying.  We had been all smiles and jokes until that moment.  But we both started to sob at the same second and then we couldn't let go of each other.  We just stood in the parking lot as our kids ran around and our husbands watched and hugged each other and cried.  And I realized that while I will miss being a part of their lives, they will also miss being a part of ours.  And how lucky we were for 8 years to have each other.

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