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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Air Supply

A friend of mine from Sunnyvale called yesterday while I was out and about and left a message.  Let me just tell you what "out and about" means for me.  It means leaving my house and driving around Chapel Hill and then driving to Durham and then driving to Raleigh and then driving back to Pittsboro because I can't stay at home all day and I need to pick up curtains.

Anyway - I didn't get the message until about 8:30pm when Gabe came in the bedroom and said, "Oh, we have a voice-mail".  And then I listened to the message and felt like crying but I stopped myself because Fiona was already crying and that is enough crying for one evening.  But I felt very low.

I went into town to meet a lady in the Mother's Club who offered to meet me for coffee and a chat.  Then I went to World Market to get panel curtains that had come in after 2 weeks of waiting.  And then to Super Target for some super stuff.  And then to a Starbucks just because I had to use the bathroom and didn't want to wait for 30 minutes until I got home.  And by this time it was 2pm and I realized that I had not had lunch.  And then I drove home in the rain and I started to cry.  And at some point I realized that the song on the radio was Air Supply and I started to feel sick.  A forty something woman, driving, alone, in the rain, listening to Air Supply.  How nauseating.  So I immediately started to laugh. 

Having 2 kids in school full time is hard.  I need to go back to work.  Or I need to find a new hobbie quick.  Anyone with any good suggestions please fire them off to me this instant - because I am in need of some good ideas.  In the meantime, enjoy this song from the 80's.

Air Supply


Lauren said...

I'm teaching myself to sew. Fabric is cheap if you shop at thrift stores and it takes up a lot of time. And sometimes I end up with a skirt I will actually wear!

Cooking is my other hobby. Unfortunately, neither one is social but that's what moms club is for, right?

Marlene Happel said...

I wanted to suggest sewing but Lauren was faster. It can take up time but you can start simple and still be proud of what you've achieved. You can re-decorate your whole house or re-do your wardrobe. I suggest pinterest for ideas. I would love to have some more time to work on all these projects I have in my mind... let me know if you want to work on some of my ideas :-)

Angela said...

I have no great hobby ideas other "troll pinterest" but looking for a social hobby is a good idea. Is karaoke a hobby? Air Supply can be your debut song. My favorite is Making Love Out of Nothing At All.

Miss you!

Joy McKeon said...

thanks girls! I will take up sewing. I already have fabric! Worst case scenario - I end up with too many skirts.

Lauren said...

Yay, sewing! We should have an internet sewing club and share pictures. I'm going to try to make myself a black t-shirt this week and I have to figure out how to make it cute.

Whitney said...

I want you to open that cute boutique downtown! I think it would be fun to come out and help or come make your grand opening awesome! Plus it woukd give you a social outlet. Of course Gabe has to be on board! :) Love ya, miss ya! Video chat on tap for this weekend!

Lauren said...

Oh, yes, open a boutique. I've been making cute little zipper pouches (like a makeup bag) that you can stock :)