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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I will try to keep this clean because I've just moved and I'm feeling super judgemental right now but I'm under a lot of stress so I might let some honest emotions fly.  Put on your helmet and prepare to be amazed as you read this chapter of what I like to call, "Joy's Emotional Roller Coaster Of Writing Whatever Is On Her Mind This New Years Day 2013". 

My husband and I snuck in a movie today because our folks leave soon and we will be many moons without a babysitter.  Because it is New Years Day and because we live in a quiet corner of an even smaller hamlet, we only paid $7 dollars for the movie!!!  A new release!!!  I could go on and on about just that but we went to see the new Hobbit movie which was a good romp that will turn into 3 movies spread over 3 years to finish one story because so much money was made with the Lord Of The Rings movies that there was no need to cram so much adventure into one movie, for crying out loud.  Good to see that Peter Jackson is really milking another trilogy for all its worth.

Anyway - back to the movie.  I loved the animated Hobbit movie that came out in 1977 but I didn't get to see until the 80's because I was a late-comer to movies and as a result I saw most of my movies later than most kids.  Which most likely explains what I'm about to tell you and that is, I was alarmed entering the movie by how many 4, 5 and 6 year olds were coming to see the movie with their parents.  This was a very very violent movie.  There were creatures like Orcs and Goblins and Trolls and stuff I had never seen before.  There were sword fight scenes and Smeagol and at one point he is killing a Goblin to eat it.  There were dragons and gigantic mountains of rock fighting, there is terror, blood and death all throughout the movie.  And about half way through the movie I realized that I was surrounded by families with all ages of children and no one walked out or left.  No children were crying.  No one was hiding under their seat.

Now maybe these kids had fallen asleep during the movie.  Or maybe they were all wearing sleep shades so they couldn't see what was going on but I seriously have to consider the parenting skills of any person who thinks that taking a 5 year old to a movie with this level of violence, a good idea.  With all the people who are raising their voices about our children being desensitized to violence and the increase in violent crimes, why are we allowing kids to watch this shit?  I won't even let my kids stay in the same room with a very close family member who loves watching Swamp People because it involves the brutal killing of so many animals.  And while we are on the subject - I seriously questioned the integrity of the couple who took their 5 year old twin girls to Sex And The City Part 2 because of the sexual nature of the film.  But everyone was giving those people stink eye and that was in Cupertino.

Seriously though people, when will enough be enough?  Do we need to make movies PG 3, PG 4, PG 5 and PG 6 until we get to PG 13?  And should we ask the people selling movie tickets to turn away parents who think that taking a 5 year old into a violent movie is a good idea?  If parents can't govern what their children watch, who will?  At a certain point I stopped enjoying the movie because I thought of those kids and how what they were watching affected their young minds and hearts and souls.  And I judged those parents and their choices.

Lets make 2013 a peaceful year.  And lets crack out the animated 1977 version of The Hobbit and have them watch that movie if they have to see something with Hobbits in it.  And lets try to stem the tide of violence that we, yes, we as parents seem to be instilling in our children.  Let them watch wholesome, good, boring stuff like Veggie Tales and Caillou.  No Orcs or Goblins or Gollums in those shows.  Thank GOD for PBS. 

Oh and Happy New Year.


Francoise Allamanche said...
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Francoise Allamanche said...

I TOTALLY agree on this one. I don't get parents who let their kids watch violent movies. If those parents don't know where the limits of violence are how can they teach the kids ! And people wonder and ask why kids act like they do afterwards, seriously ?! Being numb to violence on screen is the first step to violence in reality. Look around in the news people !!!

Love + Marriage said...

Um, we went to Django Unchained and had the SAME experience! And of course that movie was even worse than the Hobbit. I heard Terri Gross interview Tarantino and he said he can tell the difference between real and fake violence. Kids can't!

Whitney said...

Wow! I'm shocked anyone would take their 4 or 6yo kid to see the Hobbit. It would take everything in me not to loudly say something to my spouse. I full agree. It's hard enough to watch my preteen nephews get into Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit when I can barely watch it, but they have parents who are involved, loving, caring people. How sad for those little ones to not only be exposed to that but possibly never talk about it either.