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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Date Night

My MIL is here so last night my guy took me to the movies and then out to dinner.  It started out as a funny and entertaining movie, exactly what a movie should be when you haven't been to see one in a very long time. 

It starred Steve Carrell who is 50, Jim Carrey who is 51 and Steve Buscemi who is 55.  They are all very funny and very accomplished men.  They are all very successful.  They have been in many wonderful shows and movies.  They probably don't have to search very hard for projects.  And they probably are recognized all the time. 

I love movies.  I snuck into my first movie at the age of 15, it was Splash.  And I sat in the back row because I had been raised with the belief that Satan's playground included all movie theaters.  And since my choir and band teacher had taken a group of us, I was sure that either Satan or my mother would find out what I was doing and drag me out.  I didn't get to really enjoy that movie but the next movie I saw was Dune and my mother did find out about that one and she was very upset with me.  But as things go, she got more and more used to me going to movies and one day she stopped lecturing me on the evils of movies and I have enjoyed movies of all kinds ever since.  And just for the record, I have run into neither Satan or my mother at any movie I have gone to.

I know that Hollywood is mostly made up of bullshit and mirrors but I like to think that once in a while there is a great actor that stumbles in and makes a name for herself or himself and that everyone takes that actor based on her or his craft and not the size of her breasts, behind or how many magazine covers she poses for.  I was really sad to see that a 29 year old actress was cast with 3 - fifty year old actors.  I know of quite a few fabulous, attractive, funny and accomplished 40 to 50 year old actresses but Hollywood saw fit to put Olivia Wilde in the film.  And let me just say that I think Olivia Wilde is fabulous in her own right, it just irritated me to have her cast in this particular film.  So irritating in fact that I no longer find the movie memorable, I no longer find it funny and  I would not recommend it to anyone who loves movies as much as I do. As a matter of fact, I can't even remember what the name of the movie is.

I still love date night at the movies and I will still go on watching movies but I wish for once they would get it right - the girls are supposed to be 7 years older than the dudes - at least that is the way it is at our house.

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