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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer and Love

My brother and I would go through episodes of tormenting our sister for fun.  It wasn't always easy being the older sister to a set of twins.  One of our famous capers was when we were in high school.  My brother worked in a hardware store that was connected to the local grocery store where I worked.  My sister was going to college in the college town we lived in.

At the college bookstore which was also connected to this small shopping mecca worked a nice young man that I will call Phil.  He had a lisp.  He had helmet hair.  You know exactly what I'm talking about.

We told Phil that our sister loved him and talked about him in her sleep.  We told him that she wanted him.  (to ask her out)  We told him that she wanted to make out with him.  Clearly anyone hearing this story now, would not listen to us but Phil did.  And so Phil asked her out on a date with a picnic dinner and concert tickets in hand. 

My sister said yes.  We couldn't believe our good luck!  He really was a gentleman and defended my sister's honor as we suggested all the fun things he could try on her on their date, double date as it turned out to be.  She never went out with him again and she told him nicely that her brother and sister were jerks and to not listen to them ever again.  He was crushed emotionally or at least that is what we told ourselves and anyone who would listen to a couple of moron teenagers.

The other day a kindergartener in Fiona's class came running up to me and asked, "is it true that Fiona's sister is in love with me?  Because that is what Fiona said."  I stopped in horror realizing what was happening.  I nicely told him that she was not "in love" with him but that she probably thought he was a nice boy and then I firmly told Fiona that it was not nice to make things up about her sister.  Especially to her classmates.  And then I talked Fiona's older sister off the ledge that she was on because apparently having 5 year olds think you are in love with them is grounds for a mental breakdown.

Happy Summer Vacation everyone!

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