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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The girls started back to school yesterday and I didn't cry.  And they didn't cry.  And when school was over and I went to pick them up, Fiona came running to me with her arms stretched wide and she crowed, "Mama, I'm not afraid of school anymore!" and it melted my heart. 

Starting school in the middle of the school year in a new place is such a different experience than starting school at the beginning of school in a new place.  We got to register the girls.  We got to buy their school supplies.  We got to go back to school shopping for clothes and shoes.  We got to meet new teachers.  We got to watch everyone else do the same.  But we also got to do some familiar things like walk down hallways we already knew.  And see friends we had already met.  And we got to enjoy the new year instead of fretting and frowning and holding those emotions in check because everything is new and scary.  And we got to go back to school.

I found myself with a very quiet house yesterday.  The puppy was gone for the day to Vet school with Gabe so I didn't have to chase her around.   So I dusted myself off and did a little work on the computer and then took myself shopping with a friend and out to lunch.  And I am not sure if it was the slow morning, or the lack of activity of taking the kids to the pool, the park, the playdate, the library or the fact that I had to jump out of bed to get ready to get the kids to school but I managed to throw my back out. 

And this morning it is worse.  And I imagine tomorrow morning will be worse still because it has that "ouch" factor that is getting worse by the minute regardless as to much ibuprofen I have taken.  I need to get back to normal because we have a 3 day weekend coming up and I need to be back to normal. 

It is nice to be back in the groove, I just need my back . . . back.

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