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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Thursday, August 29, 2013


On Tuesday I went to the local Starbucks which is not really a Starbucks coffee shop but rather one of those Starbucks that they put in a grocery store but it is a Starbucks none-the-less and the only Starbucks that doesn't take a half hour to get to, to have a coffee with a friend.  Yup, I've graduated to Starbucks at 9:30am with a friend.  I was getting ready to go and we were standing up and saying our goodbye's when a woman walks up behind me and says in a booming voice, "You are that lady who stood in front of me in zumba class, I'd recognize those legs anywhere!"  And then she proceeded to introduce herself and chitchat for a few minutes until I finally said my goodbyes and ducked into the bathroom before my trip to the doctor.  But in those few minutes before I ducked into the bathroom while we introduced ourselves, she literally gushed about my legs, gushed I tell you.

And then today I went into the Pittsboro Public Library and was chatting with one of the librarians about a book they have on the New Fiction list that was written by my old writing teacher from PCC.  She was telling me about all the writers that lived in and around Pittsboro and the great writing forums and classes at the community college next door to the library.  I casually mentioned that I wrote a blog and that in my past life, or my next life or when I grow up I plan on being a writer.  And then I told her the name of my blog.  And she told me she had already read it and she loved it.  Ok, I can't remember if she said she loved it or not but in my version of the movie when the writer, (me) is telling the very attractive and tall Latino man in Spanish that she is famous and he recognizes her finally and his eyes open wide in surprise, the word LOVED is used.

So whether it's my legs or my words, I think I'm pretty famous.

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Whitney said...

Of course you are! ;)