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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


The weather is starting to change here.  Last week sometime we went from mind numbingly hot and oppressive humidity to balmy cool evenings and mornings and warm afternoons but no humidiy.  And several other things have started to change now too.  The leaves are thinning out - I can actually see houses from the street when I'm on my morning or evening walks.  And the cicadas and tree frogs are not as loud as they were a month ago and the cicadas are starting to die, they are everywhere laying dead in the yard giving Marcko something yummy to snack on when she is on the zip line.

Yesterday as I was walking a nice breeze came up and a bunch of leaves started to fall.  And I stopped walking and stood and looked up and watched the leaves swirl and dance and fall to the ground.  It was very pretty and very peaceful and I didn't miss California in that instant.

We moved here at the end of December and there were no leaves and no cicadas and it was cold and grey.  So this transition of summer to fall is something we have never experienced and I'm looking foward to it.  I can honestly say that pulling out my jeans and my sweaters and putting on slippers in the morning and carrying that mug of hot tea or coffee around with me is something I enjoy.

And our calendar is full to overflowing now.  Between kiddie birthday parties and weekend get togethers and music classes, dance classes, school and work I feel like I have little free time for sitting around and whining or complaining.  We even ordered Halloween costumes and can't wait to put them on and prance around the house in preparation for the best kids holiday ever.

And I'm letting go and starting to go with the flow.  I'm letting go of some of my rigidity and my inflexibility and my craziness.  I'm accepting that I'm here right now and I am not going anywhere and that I need to make the most of this place where I am because that is how life is.  And I'm always knitting and soon I will be done with the 2 year socks.


Lauren said...

Hooray for flow! I feel the same way, like I am settling into the weather and the activities in my new area. I love hearing about your adjustments and discoveries, keep em coming!

Whitney said...

Good for you! I bet changing of the season to Fall will be gorgeous! I miss that. I miss you, but I'm glad for you that you've entered a new and positive phase of transition!