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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Last year at this time I decided it would be a great idea to pile all the leaves together that had fallen in our yard and in the neighbors yard and in the gutter in front of the house and let the kids run and jump into the pile.  It was something I had seen kids do in the movies or in areas of the country where there are enough leaves that fall such as North Carolina.  So after the work of scraping enough leaves together to make a big pile the kids started running and jumping, screaming and laughing.  And that is when the property manager and also our neighbor came screaming out of her apartment and started in on me about the mess I had just made, how I had created more work for her by dragging everyone leaves onto her lawn and how she could bill me at $250 dollars an hour for all the extra work she now had to do not to mention the diseases they could get from the neighborhood cats and dogs that pee and poop in the leaves.

After the kids were done jumping and exposing themselves to life threatening diseases caused by cats and dogs that poop in our yard I raked all the leaves off back into their respective yards and the gutter where I had found them so that the property manager and our neighbor would not have do much work to do and so she could not bill me when she came screaming outside again about how the city could sue me for piling her leaves into their gutter and how liable I was for problems the leaves on the other peoples yards could cause and how being outside playing with the kids was only condoning bad behavior by all the neighborhood kids because by being outside I was sanctioning everything they did, good or bad.

All I had wanted to do was make a leaf pile and jump in it.  I'm pretty sure that lady is crazy.  And I remember thinking that I could not wait to own my own house.

Tomorrow we close on our very own house.  One that I can rake leaves into piles at and jump into.  One that my cat and dog can pee and poop on and leave life threatening diseases all over and around and beside.  One that no property manager will come running outside to tell me what I can and cannot be doing.  One that is going to be mine, ALL MINE.  You cannot possibly know how exciting that will be for me, my kids, my cat, my dog, my other dog, my rats and my husband. Unless of course you had the disadvantage of living next to or near that lady yourself. 

Mazel tov.

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