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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Baltimore and DC

We took the girls to our nation's capital to see the monuments and the Smithsonian Museums and Gabe went to a convention.  We stayed in a historic hotel in the heart of Baltimore and we got to enjoy walking all over the city and spending lots of time at the waterfront.  We had so many wonderful experiences during our 5 days away and took many pictures to look at and enjoy.

There was only one downside to the trip and that was the noise.  We were on the 10th floor of this beautiful hotel but we could hear the buses outside.  We could hear the sirens.  The people talking.  The elevators.  The toilets flushing.  The shouts and chatter.  Other hotel doors opening and closing.  People knocking on doors.  Horns honking and car alarms going off.  Cell phones ringing.  Delivery trucks pulling up and dropping things off.  It was so noisy that I could not sleep well and was being woken up constantly by the city noises. 

We have been here 11 months now and I've grown accustomed to the quiet chirping of a bird or the wind blowing the leaves off the trees.  Squirrels will run up trees and deer take off running through the woods.  Maybe a branch will fall?  Or the mailman driving by and stopping causes a little noise.  My ears are the ears of country folk now and I can't sleep in the city anymore. 

Never thought I'd say that.

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