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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Internet Santa

I've always enjoyed buying things online - I remember ordering a baby crib quite a few years back when ordering things online was frowned upon, for a baby that is now a teenager and having it delivered only to discover that they had somehow charged me for 2 cribs and had 2 cribs waiting.  I totally freaked out.  But we got the problem solved and never to be discouraged by a total disaster that is not of my own making I have done it over and over until I got it perfect, which, interestingly enough, is almost exactly what my dating life was like until I met Gabe.

Back to the internet shopping topic. . . .  This year I find myself in the middle of December and totally stressed out about the fact that I'm still in the list making phase of Christmas gifts and nowhere near being ready or prepared for the big day.  Oh how I remember the single days, no gifts, no plans, usually on a beach somewhere by myself sipping a cocktail.  But those days are gone, this parade of trees, decorations (all of which have the word JOY stamped on them somewhere), music and dance performances, stockings and presents has crept up on me and I am not prepared.

In my own defence, we bought a house, we moved, we had family visiting for 3 weeks and where was I going to find the time and the energy to gift plan and buy?  And so I turn to my trusty online friend Amazon.  And every day a box or two show up at the door and I open them and stash them in the top of the closet with all the other boxes and in about 2 weeks they'll get wrapped and ripped into.

Ho Ho Ho!

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