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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Monday, December 2, 2013

Midnight Moonshine

We had a Housewarming Party on Saturday night to kick off the holidays and also to break in the new digs.  It was lovely.  We had the food catered by a little Mexican place in Sanford and by my friend Ana who can make any Mexican restaurant food taste like trash.  (The woman can make things melt in your mouth).  And we invited new friends and old friends and even had the Outlaws here to party on down with us. 

When I sent out the invitations I felt a little sad.  We are new to the area and we don't know so many new friends.  I was worried that we would have only a small amount of people here and that it would be a quiet and sleepy party.  But the party grew and grew and there were tons of kids running around outside playing and people looked like they were having a nice time and enjoying the good food, the cocktails (or cocky's as I like to call them) and the company.

The invite read that the party started at 4pm and our first guests walked through the door at 4:05pm.  And the finish time read 7pm.  And our last guests walked out the door at 10:30pm.  And despite the 2 bottles of "champs" that someone I know intimately managed to handle all on her own and keep it together and the change in footwear around 7pm because lets face it, heels don't last all night on this party animal, I enjoyed every moment including the clean up at 11pm.

We were given some amazing gifts and they all had a wonderful North Carolina theme to them, we even got a canning jar of moonshine. 

Happy Holidays everyone!

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