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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Monday, January 6, 2014


I like to write.  I like it a lot and I like to write about all sorts of things but most especially about the things that happen to me.  Since I run into people and I have relationships with people and I have conversations with people and I interact with people all the time and  I like to include those things in my blog but people get weird when they know you are going to write about them, when they read something that you've written about them or when they feel like they've been exposed for everyone to read about and that now everyone has the potential to know their business, because lets face it, hardly anyone reads this blog except for my faithful followers and even then many of those have dropped off.  I do however have a small UK following which makes me proud.  (thank you Yolanda)

I have had people say to me, "do not blog about me EVER" and while I know they are mostly joking I wonder about famous writers and what they had to go through to turn their scribblings and thoughts into prose and literature.  Did James Joyce's parents tell him to write and write and write but only write about flowers and lace? Did Ernest Hemingway's parents send him off to war and hope he would someday write about it but only as it pertained to others?  Did Henry Miller's parents tell him to write but not about anything dirty?  Ok, well I guess that one doesn't work but I have had a person say to me that I was to "never write about them, EVER!" and I have granted them their request until now but I wonder what writers have to do to cross that line of keeping things anonymous until the day that the cat scrambles out of the bag?  How many fights do they have when they get home and their spouse realizes that they've written yet again about something intensely personal that he or she didn't want the whole world to read about?

I doubt that when the kids are headed off to college they say, "I want you to become the best lawyer you can become but do not defend murderers EVER" or "I want you to be a good doctor but you can never misdiagnose anyone EVER" or "I hope that you learn how to be a good paramedic but no one must ever die in your ambulance EVER."  I feel like the writer gets to write about what they write about and at some point people have to get over it. And those people include but are not limited to:  family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, bosses, landlords, tenants, pets, stuffed animals and pillow pets.

Maybe I will hire Kitty Kelly to write about the stuff I really want to write about - and then it will become a best seller.  Or maybe I'll just write about the things and the people I want to write about in the third person and change the names and you all can lay claim to everything I write. 


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Lauren said...

Feel free to write about me anytime, Joy! I'll try to do some more interesting things...