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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Thursday, January 9, 2014


People do funny things when they sleep.  I do this thing sometimes where I take my nose ring out - completely out and I am completely alseep and then when I wake up I have to find it.  It isn't an easy thing to do because it has a twist at the end of it, the part that is inside my nose so that when I sneeze or when I blow my nose it doesn't fly out of my nose.  So in order to take it out, I have to turn in ever so carefully and then at a certain point I have to tilt it at an angle and then it slides out.

Sounds gross right?  Not really - no different than earrings - because if you think about it, your ears produce weird stuff too - just like your nose.  But back to the nose ring - when I wake up I will find it imbedded in my leg or in my arm or stuck to my cheek.  Once I had to strip the bed because it was really gone only to find it under the bed.  Once I had taken it out of my nose and I woke up and I was holding it clutched in my fist.  Another time I had taken it out asleep and laid it on my bed side table and then gone back to sleep.  It doesn't get too far though - I usually have no problem finding it the next morning.  But I've often wondered what would happen should I accidentally swallow it . . . while sleeping.

Anyway - this morning I woke up without my ring on.  In all fairness it is a silver band I bought in Mexico last summer so it isn't really that valuable, only that I've been wearing a ring for over 10 years so I feel kind of naked without it.  So I stripped the bed of all bedding and crawled around under the bed and then I cleaned under the bed because I realized how gross that part of the house gets but I still couldn't find it.  I hope I haven't swallowed it, because finding it - now that IS gross!

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