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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Its SNOW joke

Yesterday, after 3 or 4 false alarms about gigantic snow storms that would dump tons of snow and ice and make things miserable for days, the girls and I headed out to the grocery store in Chapel Hill because we hadn't seen a single snowflake and I was needing to get out of the house because one of my kids was getting squirrely.  At the last minute I decided to detour to a thrift store to buy some books.  As we were getting in our car to go to the grocery store the first flakes started to fall but they were tiny and small.

Fast forward to 4 hours later and we are still in the car and now trapped in a long line of cars that were inching about 50 feet every hour or so.  We had gone literally 2 miles in 4 hours.  It was terrible.  So I took a detour and hoped that my gamble would be worth it.  And did I mention I had very little gas in the car and after 3 hours I started to worry that I might not make it home.

I don't usually get rattled by Mother Nature but she really had it out for someone yesterday because there were abandoned cars all over the roadway from people who started to slide, just got out and left their car and walked home.  There were cars in ditches and sideways and I even saw one that was fallen on its side.  Don't ask me how that happened. 

I had some really nice young men push me twice when my car wouldn't get up a steep hill but finally I made it out to a main thoroughfare and after 5 hours I made it the 10 miles or so to my house.  Luckily I had 2 pieces of pizza and some soda water in the car so the girls had something to eat.  And luckily they were dressed warmly.  and luckily we had bought books at the thrift shop so they had something to do for 5 hours.  And I kept my cool - and I made it home by going slowly and not braking too fast and sticking to the middle of the road.  And a kind neighbor picked up Gabe and they came out to find me and followed me home.

Next I'll tell you about the day we decided to head out to get flu shots on the day of the tornado warning.  Crazy West Coasters!!

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