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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Monday, October 6, 2014


I have not been writing much lately.  I have not been inspired.  And I have not had the internet connection to support a new blog post.  Outrageous I know but that is just how it goes.  So today I've had to head on down to the local Pittsboro Library and I'm taking up space at one of the computer tables and banging out a few blog posts to update my faithful readers (GABE) on what has been going on in Joy-land.

I am working on getting a job and have had a solid phone and in person interview.  I've also decided to head back into the classroom and applied to be a substitute teacher at the girls school, but while all that is clicking into place I find myself losing interest in this blog and in writing in general.

We have had interesting and fun stuff going on - I just haven't felt like chronicling it.  We got a new puppy by the name of Ivy which we quickly changed to Buzz Aldrin McKeon and she is a handful.  She is one of those puppies that wants to go out to pee 4 times a night and as soon as you take her out to pee and let her back in she pees on the floor.

And the girls are playing soccer this fall which is a first.  It is fun to go and watch their games and I love watching them learn new things.   And i get to go with them and chat up everyone at the game which is my favorite thing to do.  They exercise their legs, I exercise my mouth.  Let me just clarify - I don't need soccer to exercise my mouth, I can do that anywhere/anytime.

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