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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Secret Snowflake

So this year at my new job I am participating in what we call a Secret Snowflake.  It is basically the Secret Santa idea, you leave little things for the person you whose name you picked out of a hat and at the end of 3 weeks you reveal yourself and everyone says "Wow, I had no idea who was giving me presents"!!!  It is a way to break up the monotony and make people feel good and spread some holiday cheer.

Well my Secret Snowflake is a now show.  I mean that since I am only a part time-er, my Secret Snowflake only has to worry about me Monday through Wednesday.  But we are on Wednesday and my Secret Snowflake hasn't left me anything.

I did write on my detailed list of things I like to get as presents as being diamonds but I guess I am not really expecting someone to buy me diamonds for a present at work.  I have to say that whenever I fill out paperwork I try to really ham it up.  So this could also be all my own fault.  For example under favorite food items I listed 20 cheese food items but then under the things I'm allergic to question I put cheese.  See?  I actually made buying a gift for me really fun to myself but really irritating and annoying to my Secret Snowflake. 

I am hoping my Secret Snowflake shows up before the end of business today.  Or else I am going to feel like maybe I need to start learning how to play by the rules of the game.

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Francoise Allamanche said...

Did you get a cheese knife ?