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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Book club was last night.  It was our one year anniversary and I hosted.  Because it was our one year anniversary I felt like I had to step it up and make it special.  We even had 2 new members come, yay for newbies!  A year ago when I started the book club aka The Pittsboro Fucklers, my friend Germaine sent me a book her sister had written and suggested we read it for book club.  I hosted the first meeting and so I knew that it would only be fair to wait until everyone got a chance to host before I hosted again.

The book was a real romp - a story of Peter who is the only son of Chinese immigrants and who wants to be a girl.  I was captivated for several reasons, the story of the child of immigrants, a boy who pushes against the dreams and desires of his father and his own discovery of who is is and who he will become.  And to make the book and the book club sweeter, Kim skyped in with us and generously offered to answer our questions as we sipped wine and munched on homemade bao or steamed buns.

Kim is the little sister of a friend from Cupertino and so it turns out that it pays to have friends in many places around this planet.  I got in touch with Germaine, asked her if Kim would skype with us and we were able to set up a time and place and take it from there.  What a bright star and talent Kim is, how brave to sit there and answer our questions and listen to our commentary.  What a good sister too - to honor a request to skype in with an old friend who lives in rural N. Carolina that she has never met.

Bravo Kim
Bravo Germaine
Bravo Fucklers

For those of you that would like to read Kim's book, it is called For Today I Am A Boy.

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Carolyn Zbavitel said...

Sounds like fun Joy, how often do you meet? I miss your peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, I'm hooked!! Might have to make some myself. Is the recipe on line somewhere?