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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kimchi Soup

Before my good friend Mi-Ae moved back to South Korea with her family I made her cook every delicious Korean food she could and then I made her teach me how to make them.  Then I tried two hundred cook books and online recipes and youtube videos until I perfected some of my favorite Korean dishes.  One of those dishes is Kimchi Jigae or as my kids like to call it Kimchi Soup.

I'll be honest - it doesn't look like much but it is delicious and hearty and hot and savory and it warms my belly and my kids will eat it.  Seriously, they were begging for bowls of it tonight and I don't know a lot of kids that will eat this stuff voluntarily.

Here's what I put in mine:

-sour kimchi
-cubed tofu
-sliced jalapenos
-canned tuna (or fish sauce if you don't have tuna)
-sesame oil
-cooked sweet potato starch noodles (cut them some)
-mushrooms (any kind besides canned)
-soup soy sauce

And put it in a stone pot and cook it until it bubbles.  Don't over cook it or the cooked noodles will become gummy.  But the stone pot is great because as you eat it it continues to bubble and it stays hot.  Take another bowl and put steamed short or medium grain rice in it and eat together.  Put a little rice in a soup spoon and dip into the soup and eat.  Delicious.  Spicy.  Savory.  Slurp.

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