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The Many Faces of Joy

The Many Faces of Joy

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Faling Down

This year I've fallen down 3 times.

The first time I was climbing up in my closet to put something on the top shelf.  I use this red high chair that is metal and not very sturdy.  I felt it start to give and so I jumped clear of it but I was sore the next day.  It happened when I was home alone and I remember thinking that I didn't want to die that day because I was alone and wearing something really ugly.

The second time I was walking down the driveway.  I was wearing clogs.  All I remember is that one minute I was walking and the next minute I was laying down.  I scraped up my knees and my hands pretty good but the worst part was how much those little abrasions hurt, I mean my pride had been hurt.  I jumped up so fast it was shocking.  I don't think anyone saw me.

Today I fell again and it was at the pool.  I was going to step down into the pool from the side and I thought I knew how deep it was but I was wrong and I stepped down and lost my balane and landed on my tailbone.  OUCH.  I lay there for a minute, hoping no one saw me fall out of the 55 or 60 people milling around.  But I also lay there because my butt hurt so bad I couldn't stand up for a minute.  Talk about clumsy and lame.

Then I stood up and hobbled back over to my lawn chair and lay down - tail bone smarting like crazy. It is still smarting 3 hours later, I sure hope I didn't break something.

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